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We started our business in 1976 at my dad’s Auto Body Shop on the Brewer Lake Road. Learning from the best, my dad’s knowledge of cars became one of the best educations about the auto parts business and to this day, one of my greatest assets. With a strong foundation of auto parts knowledge and my wife Betsy by my side handling the accounting and booking, we were ready to expand.


In 1980 we moved to our present location at 379 Brewer Lake Road where we utilize three warehouses with over 30,000 square feet and 22 acres.


Over the years, we have strived to be the cutting edge in the business of recycling auto parts:  


  • We were the first to offer a 30-day warranty on used auto parts

  • We were the first to set up our inventory in a database

  • We were the first in securing insurance contracts

  • We were the first to install what we sell

  • We were the first to deliver used auto parts

  • We were the first to invite the EPA to our yard and work with them to ensure that our recycling process met or exceeded their expectations


And, no matter what we come up with next, we have always and will continue to always, put our customers first.

About J & J 

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